Person filling water bottle after getting a carbon water filter system for the home

Why Get a Carbon Water Filter System for Your Home

Person filling water bottle after getting a carbon water filter system for the home
A carbon water filter system for your home removes many contaminants and impurities that lower the quality of your tap water.

A carbon water filter system for your home can be a great way to provide your family with clean, great tasting water. These filters offer whole house water filtration so you can rest easy knowing that your water is safe and healthy. Of course, you might be wondering why exactly you need a carbon filter for your house’s water. We’ll explore just that in this article, as well as how these carbon filters work to remove impurities. 

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Advantages of a Carbon Water Filter System for Your Home

There are many reasons to install a water filter system for your home. These systems offer peace of mind that the water coming from the tap is safe for your family. Generally, carbon filters are installed on the home’s water main to create a whole house water filter system. As water flows through the pipes, the system filters out impurities. 

Filtering out contaminants is important because water can contain things that may make the water taste or smell strange. In some cases, the contaminants can even make you sick. Carbon water filters can remove a significant amount of contaminants commonly found in home drinking water. These are often trace amounts leftover from the local water treatment plant, things that leach into the water as it gets transported through aging water mains, or even contaminants that simply aren’t regulated by the EPA. 

Some common contaminants that a carbon water filter system for your home can remove include things like:

  • Chlorine
  • Organic contaminants
  • VOCs
  • Lead
  • Pesticides

Keep in mind that there are a few things that carbon filters won’t remove. For instance, iron and nitrate aren’t generally attracted to the carbon. If these are in your home’s water, you may need additional filters for the system. You may even want to consider a reverse osmosis system for ultra-clean water at taps you use for drinking and cooking. 

How Carbon Water Filters Work

If you’re considering a Houston house water filter, it’s important to know exactly how carbon filters work. Carbon filters, also sometimes known as charcoal filters, use a physical process called adsorption to remove contaminants from your water. Adsorption is similar to absorption, with just one key difference. With absorption, contaminants stick to the exterior surface of the material. Adsorption means that the contaminants get trapped inside the structure of the material. 

Carbon filters use adsorption because they have many tiny pores that essentially grab and trap contaminants. This makes carbon really effective at removing impurities from water. As the water travels through the filtration system, the pores in the carbon hold onto contaminants you don’t want in your water.

The carbon in carbon water filters usually comes from coconut shells. These are then heated to high temperatures and exposed to steam to create crevices and pores tiny enough to remove impurities. One reason carbon is so great at removing contaminants is that it has a lot of surface area. In fact, just one teaspoon of carbon often has more surface area than a football field! That’s a lot of space for the contaminants to get trapped so they don’t end up in your cup. 

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