Water Conditioning Information & Resources

Learn more about what is in your water, how it may be harmful for your family, and how our team is here to help through sophisticated water conditioning solutions. We’ve got a list of resources to help you understand the need for water softening and filtration systems for your home:

Water Quality Concerns

What is in My Water?

“Isn’t water safe once it reaches my home?” Not necessarily. There are many contaminants and impurities that might be in your home’s water, whether you have well water or city water from a municipal utility district. We discuss common contaminants and how they can affect water quality in your home.

City and MUD System Water

City, MUD, Well Water: The Differences

It’s important to know where your water comes from so you know what kind of contaminants might exist in your water. There are three basic sources of water for your home: public city water, water from a municipal utility district (MUD), and well water. We discuss the differences, what kinds of impurities might be in each, and water conditioning systems we may recommend based on where your water comes from.

Signs You Need Water Softening

I Know I Need Something, but What?

You know there’s something wrong with your water, but you’re not sure what and you don’t know how to fix it. Of course, our experts are here to help with that, but this is a basic guide to different issues with your home’s water and the types of systems we might recommend to solve your water quality problems.

water you drink

Water Facts

Where does your water come from? How do governments treat it? Why is water such a major source for contaminants and pathogens? Is water a renewable resource? We discuss basic water facts that you should know.

My Water Smells Bad

My Water Smells

If your water smells funky, there may be several things causing the issue. Water odors are a problem that can reduce water quality and make it taste bad. It may also be a sign of potentially harmful contaminants in your water. Our experts discuss common reasons why your water has an odor and how our systems can help.

Hard Water Spots

Hard Water Spot Removal

No one likes spotty dishes. If you’re finding water spots all over your clean glasses after running them through the dishwasher, the answer isn’t necessarily more rinse aid. It means your water has a lot of hard minerals, which can cause those pesky hard water spots as well as damage you might not even be aware of. The good news is that a water softening system can help stop these hard water spots so you can enjoy crystal clear dishes.

Hard Water Be Dangerous

Hard Water: Potential Dangers

Hard water is water that has minerals like calcium and magnesium in it. For years we’ve believed that hard water was healthy for drinking and that its only danger is causing damage and limescale for your plumbing and appliances. However, we discuss new research that suggests hard water might actually be harmful to your health.