Water Filtration Systems to Provide Clean Water for the Whole Family

BritaProOur team at Southern Water Solutions is here to help you keep your water safe from harmful contaminants. With our whole house water filtration systems, you get peace of mind that all the water in your home is filtered to remove impurities that taste bad, smell bad, and also put your health at risk.

Learn what’s in your water and how our team can help today by scheduling a free water quality test for your house.

Our process always starts with a water test to identify contaminants in your home’s water. From there, our experts recommend the right system for your needs to provide better tasting, safer water for your family. A whole house filtration system ensures that all the water in your home is filtered to remove impurities.

What Do Whole House Water Filtration Systems Remove?

whole house filtrationWhole house water filtration systems use activated carbon filters to get rid of contaminants in your water. Your system is located near the water main for your home so that every ounce of water goes through an active filtration system for crisper, safer water.

Contaminants that our whole house water filtration systems remove include:

  • Chlorine
  • Chlorine byproducts
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Sediments
  • Rust
  • Taste
  • Odor

These are impurities that can make your water taste bad, develop strange odors, and also put your family at risk. Instead, with a whole house water filtration system from our team, you know you’re protected against these potentially harmful contaminants, including on your clothes and dishes.

It’s important to note that activated carbon filters like those we use in whole house water filtration systems don’t address every impurity you might have in your water. For instance, they won’t remove hard minerals, which is why you may also need a water softener in addition to the water filtration system. For the safest drinking water, we also recommend reverse osmosis systems at your kitchen sink to remove things like bacteria and viruses as well.

How Carbon Water Filters Work

BP Jacketed SoftenerCarbon water filters use activated carbon to remove contaminants from your water. Carbon comes from many sources, but mostly from either coconut shells or wood based products. The carbon is then heated with steam to activate it to adsorb harmful contaminants so they don’t stay in your water.

With a whole house water filtration system, all the water that flows into your home goes through the carbon water filter, which catches contaminants and traps them there so they can’t make it to your tap and appliances. It’s like a magnet for impurities. This helps remove contaminants that taste and smell bad, makes your water look cloudy, and can potentially be harmful for people in your family.

Get the best quality water for your family. Choose our team to provide you with a top quality whole house water filtration system today.