Whole House Filtration Systems

What is a Whole House Filtration system?

A whole house filtration system is an easy and convenient way of having clean, safe and healthy water in your home.  As the water passes through the carbon of the pre-filter system, many impurities and chemicals are removed from the water while allowing pure High Quality water to pass right on through.  The end result is clear, clean and crisp healthy H2O for your and your family to enjoy.

Southern Water Solutions offers whole house filtration systems designed to address the water quality, odor and taste of your water. These systems commonly use carbon filtration to remove chlorine, chloramines and odors commonly found in the water supply. Call us today to consult with one of our H20 experts. Your family will thank you when they taste clear, crisp and clear water. Experience the difference!


Whole House Filtration Benefits:

  • The biggest benefit is to your health! Whole house filtration systems filter out unsafe levels of chlorines, chloramines, and other chemicals commonly found in your water. 

  • Your water will be clear and odor free by removing these chemicals.

  • Provides safe water to drink and cook with.