Reverse Osmosis Systems

A reverse osmosis system is an easy and convenient way of having clean, safe and healthy drinking water in your home.  As the water passes through various stages or different filters and membranes, unwanted impurities such as microorganisms, toxins, solids, chemicals, organic molecules are removed while allowing pure High Quality water to pass right on through.  The end result is clear, clean and crisp healthy H2O for your and your family to enjoy.

How does a 5 stage Reverse Osmosis System work?

Step 1

A cold water line valve is fitted to the water supply in your home and a tube directs the cold water to the reverse osmosis system. It removes the solid materials like silt, rust, and dirt from the water.

Step 2 & 3


The reverse osmosis membrane and carbon filters make up these stages. These filters remove chlorine from the water. By doing this in 2 stages, the system removes the chlorine more effectively.

Step 4

During the fourth stage of the reverse osmosis process, membranes remove these other elements from the water.

Step 5

As the water leaves the tank, on its way to the faucet, it passes through a filtration membrane that collects any particles that may have accumulated inside the tank.