Water Filtration Systems – Providing Healthy Drinking Water for Your Home

drinking from faucetWater filtration systems from our team help remove contaminants and impurities to provide you and your family with healthy, great-tasting water. We take time to discover which contaminants are in your home’s water and then recommend customized solutions for your needs. With our water filtration systems in your home, you have peace of mind your family is always protected from common water contaminants.

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Unfortunately, the water you drink, clean with, and bathe in can harbor harmful contaminants, such as germs and chemicals that can make you sick.

Common water contaminants can enter the municipal water supply from many sources, including pesticides, herbicides, sewer backups, storm water, manufacturing plants, and even animals. This can add potentially harmful microbes and chemicals into the water that you get from your tap.

Some of the most common water contaminants include:

Germs like:
Chemicals like:

Water that comes through your pipes also contains common disinfection chemicals like chlorine and chloramines which can make your water taste and smell bad and are likely things you don’t want to voluntarily put in your body.

Our team uses water filtration systems to remove these common contaminants to provide you with healthy water for the whole family. We provide both whole house filtration systems as well as point-of-use filtration systems for drinking water.

Whole House Water Filtration

Our whole house water filtration systems filter all the water that comes into your home. These systems use activated carbon to adsorb contaminants and impurities commonly found in your water like chlorine, sediment, and some bacteria. This means the water is pre-filtered before it goes into your home’s pipes to be used for things like drinking, showers, and cleaning.

A whole house water filtration system provides every part of your home with clean water free of odors, bad tastes, and common chemicals and impurities that you might find in unfiltered tap water. These systems are budget-friendly to install and use to keep your family protected from many harmful contaminants.

Point of Use Water Filtration with Reverse Osmosis

Water FiltrationPoint of use water filtration systems are usually used in addition to whole house water filtration systems. We install these systems at plumbing fixtures where you get your drinking water, like your kitchen sink. They purify the water for a single fixture to provide you with the cleanest, crispest drinking water for your family.

Reverse osmosis water purification systems remove up to 99.9% of impurities, including viruses, bacteria, chlorine, lead, pesticides, and can also reduce the hard minerals in the water. Reverse osmosis systems use a specialized membrane that grabs onto contaminants and prevents them from passing through the membrane and getting into the water you drink.

Our team at Southern Water Solutions is here to help with all your water filtration needs to provide you with clean, healthy water for the whole family.